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Pantomath Sabrimala AIF is a privately pooled investment vehicle which collects funds from investors, whether Indian or foreign, for investing it in accordance with a defined investment policy for the benefit of its investors, Pantomath Sabrimala has been set up as a trust with an approach to invests primarily in unlisted securities of investee companies which are SMEs or securities of those SMEs which are listed or proposed to be listed on a SME exchange or SME segment of an exchange. The Investment Manager intends to be sector-agnostic. The Fund will opportunistically look at investing in themes and sectors, to ensure that the best investment opportunities as per the objective of the Fund, is achieved. The key objective of the Fund is to carry on the activities of a Category I AIF-SME Fund and for this purpose to arrange, make, manage and dispose of investments in Portfolio Entities in accordance with the Regulations.

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Invest early in right growth opportunity businesses with a track record of generating revenues and a sound plan for expansion. Invest in companies looking to acquire the necessary equipment, property, personnel and working capital to expand their businesses rapidly, and sustain growth for the long-term.


  • Act as medium for investments in SME sector.
  • Preferred partner for Indian entrepreneurs.
  • Attractive valuations.
  • Buy good quality under-valued stocks.
  • Create a platform to source, invest and nurture businesses.
  • Contribute towards creation of sustainable and scalable businesses

Pantomath Group Consistently Outperforming Capital Market

  • Raised ~INR 1000 Cr on SME exchanges, highest in India & double of the nearest peer.
  • Only Merchant Bank to have managed 75+ SME IPOs representing 20% market share(Industry with 50+ SME merchant bankers).
  • Highest QIB/FPI participation in number and value.
  • Only Merchant Banker to manage FPOs.
  • Pantomath Managed IPOs has been highest post IPO liquidity.
  • First and only Merchant Banker managing AIF & PMS on SME stocks.